“Healthy food should taste better than junk food!”–moi

Welcome to Craving Nature! Here you’ll find clean-eating recipes for healthy eats and treats. I create recipes that are vegan, paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free, grain-free, and always refined sugar-free. Whether you’re looking to dive into healthier eating or are looking for some reliable recipes, you’ve come to the right blog! I am frequently in the kitchen experimenting so you don’t have to.

Me with veggies
Me with popsicle
Me with my coco de agua popsicle

Live life. Feel the warmth of the sunshine. Let your hair blow in the breeze. Travel. Bike. Adventure. Be scared. Laugh at life’s little ironies. Dance. Hug more. Experiment. Rock climb. Experience. Cook. Garden. Road trip. Photograph. Sleep. Eat. Nap. Read. Swim. Surf. Learn a language. Run. Impress yourself. Whatever life means to you, make it happen.

Now to the meat…errrrr veggies. I have always been a doer, but lost myself along with my self-confidence somewhere between an unhealthy relationship and my mid 20s. I stopped living for myself and started focusing too much on the other person and lost who I was. Five years ago, I rediscovered exercise and have been on a path to healthy living ever since. I am more energetic, have more fun, have confidence to try a lot of new things, and have recently completed my first triathlon this past September. and have recently completed a Half IronMan, beating my goal time by 33 minutes. WOOP!WOOP!

Some stuff about me:

I am somewhat sarcastic.

I really want to have a ride on a giraffe. So, yeah. Oh, and swim with manatees, too!

I believe that balance is everything. I try to follow a whole foods diet most of the time and believe that eating vegetables and foods from local farms helps you get optimal nutrition out of your food. I do not consider myself any food label, such as vegan, paleo, vegetarian, etc., but am just me making the right choices for me and hopefully the environment.

Balance, balance, balance. Food, work, play, activity & rest. Oh yeah, and did I mention that I have sweet teeth, not just one sweet tooth? You may notice this in the vast amount of (healthy & clean) dessert recipes on my page. Oh, and I love ice cream so there will be a lot of that on here, too.

I get scared. A lot. Doing new things is not always easy or fun, but the feeling of accomplishment afterwards usually pushes the bad feelings out of my brain and convinces me to keep going back. I think I have emotional amnesia.

I want to save a micro pig and keep him/her as a pet, be a beekeeper and have chickens.

I live in a sweet little 1940’s style bungalow near the beach and make sure to see the ocean every day.

Come adventure with me in my little kitchen as I experiment with healthy, clean-eating & seasonally inspired sweet & savory recipes that are sometimes vegan, gluten-free & always yummy. Follow me on Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram.



11 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Emma,
    My name is Alyssa and I have a vegetarian site at http://www.simplycreativeveggies.com where bloggers can share their recipes. I am writing to let you know that I am linking to your Beetroot Flatbread Pizza post if you don’t mind. It is a beautiful and inspiring dish. You are welcome to share your recipes at my site if you would like.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Simply Creative Veggies


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