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How to make loose leaf tea.

To properly brew tea, is a difficult art. Not knowing the secrets, one can ruin the most delightful and rich tea leaves. Tea is considered the most delicious, aromatic, and healthy drink. And the British without any rights consider it their national treasure. It just so happened that they are great masters of brewing tea. Below are tips of English chefs on how to brew tea to meet the most stringent expectations.

What kind of water should be taken that the tea tasted delicious?
Ideal for these purposes considered a mountain spring and spring water. It is clear that in the conditions of urban life it’s not always possible to have access to spring water, but even the most ordinary tap water can be significantly improved by filtration or simply settling in an open dish for several hours.

Hard water should not be used — it is not suitable for proper tea brewing. First, it must soften.
In order to soften the water, it is necessary to add a pinch of sugar, salt, or baking soda. And you can apply a more complex method, which consists of the condensation of the steam which comes out from the spout of a boiling kettle. Derived from such manipulations, the water is not just soft and clean, and perfect, and is the best fit for proper tea brewing.


What cookware is recommended for brewing tea?
In no case should we not use a metal kettle. The best option is a porcelain vessel. By the way, Chinese people are paying great attention to the types of clay — she must be special and breathable.

What temperature is right for brewing loose leaf tea?

When you read culinary tips on the proper brewing of the tea, draws attention to one general recommendation is to bring water to a boil “white key”. What is it?
“White key” — a condition where the water is filled with a mass of bubbles rising from the bottom. This point should be to “catch” exactly. If you bring water to a full boil, it is in contact with the tea leaves will decompose all tea’s component parts, it would destroy the flavor and chemical composition of tea.

Brewing tea, “catch” the moment water boils “white key”. This is one of the main secrets of proper tea brewing. For those who have one of the fancy electric kettles with temperature control, “white key” or right before boiling point is at about 200F. This will be a perfect temperature for brewing your tea.

The correct way to brew tea — not only for the gratification of taste, but it is also intended to achieve the optimal combination of healthy properties of tea, energizing, and healing at the same time.

For this, you must strictly adhere to the rules of brewing, even the slightest deviation from which can lead to the disruption of a favorable balance of substances in the infusion. All important: including the time of drinking. In the opinion of English specialists, 20 minutes after brewing the tea will be undrinkable, because the result of a long welding solution may become harmful to human health.

The obvious benefits of tea: antioxidants prevent premature aging and fight harmful free radicals, caffeine invigorates, and refreshes, while vitamins are used to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and help maintain our immunity. Of course, tea is not a medicine in the usual sense, it just has a complex positive effect on our body, and it is very tasty! How can anyone have a perfect break, without this life-giving drink?


Types of tea and brewing instructions.

There are many types of tea and the beneficial properties they each have their own. So, the record for properties is green, then go yellow, white, red varieties, and the last beloved – black. But even more important than tea, but its quality. Drink the tea you like, but let it be large-at least not in the bag!

The quality of tea – one question. But have you ever thought of the fact that almost all the benefit of tea will be gone, if you brew it wrong? The rules of brewing very depend on the type of tea leaves. So, we have prepared for you a memo about the proper brewing of  5 types of tea that would indeed benefit your health.


· 7 oz  of water about 3 grams of tea leaves
· water – 176 degrees F
· brew for approximately 5 minutes
· Green tea has more powerful antioxidant than black tea


· 1 teaspoon to 6-12 oz of water
· water – 194 degrees F
· brew for 4-7 minutes
· after the tea is brewed, stir it gently so essential oils produced on the surface, were distributed throughout the cup


· 5 oz of water for small pinch
· water – 200 degrees F
· brew for about 5 minutescan, help with hangovers and clean the body of toxins


· about 4 grams per 7 oz of water
· the water is above 185 degrees F
· brew for 8-10 minutes
· brewed tea can be used up to 9 times
· the aroma is the highlight – sour smell of unripe dates, it’s
evident in the taste


· Two teaspoons per 7 oz of water
· Water – 125-158 degrees F
· Brew for approximately 5 minutes, some varieties require 15 minutes
· The smell of white tea is not as intense, the taste is felt in a few minutes after a sip

But remember, tea can be harmful if improperly used! We suggest you:

1. Not to drink tea 20-30 minutes after brewing – if left for a long time tea increases the amount of harmful for the cardiovascular system compounds.

2. Do not drink tea with alcohol! The joint use of formed aldehydes are harmful to the kidneys.

3. Not to drink a lot of tea! Drinking large amounts of tea cause intoxication, headache, nausea, and dizziness.

4. Do not drink too hot tea! This leads to burns of the throat and the internal organs.

5. Not to brew tea with boiling water, it will not taste good and will loose all health properties.

6. Drinking tea in the first half of the day, because it like coffee increases the blood pressure.

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