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Orange Peel Tea

If you love oranges and tea, then the orange peel tea is the perfect healthy beverage for you. You can easily enjoy your own homemade tea from ingredients that are easily found in your own kitchen. Orange peel is a very versatile ingredient that can be used in almost any dishes like salads, soups, stews, and even desserts like cakes. 

What You Need for Your Orange Peel Tea

You don’t need to have a fully equipped kitchen to prepare a cup of bliss. All you need are the following:

Orange Peel Tea Recipe

1. One Dried Orange Peel

2. Water

3. Honey

4. Cinnamon Sticks/ Cinnamon Powder

5. Electric Kettle

How To Make the Orange Peel Tea

Your Orange Peel Tea is surprisingly easy to make in just 6 easy steps. Simply prepare all the ingredients listed above.

  1. Start Peeling Your Orange and Cut them into smaller pieces.
  2. After cutting the peel, leave the peel to dry off excess moisture
  3. Heat your water in your electric kettle until the water boils
  4. Pour the water into your teapot or mug
  5. Add Your Dried Orange Peels into the water and let it steep for at least 10 minutes
  6. Add Your Cinnamin Stick/Powder and your honey to sweeten and add more flavor. 

Benefits of Orange Peel Tea

Aside from the sweet and tangy flavor of Orange, it is also a rich source of Vitamin C which can help boost the immune system and prevents cardiovascular diseases and immune system deficiencies. Studies have shown that getting at least 500 milligrams of vitamin C in addition to eating five servings of fruits and vegetables provides a lot of short term and long term benefits to your body. Drinking Orange Peel Tea helps you get the much-needed Vitamin C without drinking sugary beverages like orange juice. 

Pectin in the orange peel also helps regulate your blood sugar levels and help prevent sudden spikes or drops in your blood sugar level. Orange peel also helps promote fat-burn because of its low calories and is also rich in dietary fiber which provides a lot of benefits to our digestive system. The Dietary-fibers also help control your appetite making you less inclined to eat food in between your meals. 

Compounds like limonene, decanal, and citral which are found in orange peels can also help improve eye-health and also have anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the risk of infections. 

The Orange Peel Tea Recipe is surprisingly simple and is also easy to make. You don’t need fancy food-processors or blenders to create a healthy-beverage. All you need is a couple of oranges, hot water, and a fruit peeler. The Orange Peel tea brings a lot of benefits to your health and body and we recommend it as a perfect vitamin C supplement for your diet. Orange Peel Tea is also a healthier substitute compared to process orange juices which can large amounts of sugar. 

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