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Naturally Nourished Travel Series: No-bake PB chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Some days ya just need a cookie. And some days ya just need to eat a ton of cookie dough and leave the remaining cookies for others to eat. Amiright?

Before coming to Thailand we had been camping for the previous several weeks through the Wild Coast of South Africa & Botswana. We’ve been using some pretty rudimentary kitchen equipment and yet we’ve been able to maintain a plant-based diet so we’re pretty happy with how we’ve been feeling. And let’s not forget the treats, too! I was having a real hankering for some cookie dough and luckily we had all the ingredients on hand while at one gorgeous campground where the closest grocery store was an hour away. Things could have gone very badly if I hadn’t come prepared.  Continue reading Naturally Nourished Travel Series: No-bake PB chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

1-bowl fig + cacao nib almond pulp cookies (vegan, gluten-free)

Seriously, Vada Sultenfuss? Could you get a cooler name or be any cooler of a role model for a girl? Riding your bike around all summer in your eccentric funeral home-home with Thomas J as your best bud. I wanted to be her so badly. Her and Thomas J became blood brothers. Blood brothers! Not that I would recommend that at all, but the idea was so bad ass as a 9 year old.

Continue reading 1-bowl fig + cacao nib almond pulp cookies (vegan, gluten-free)

No-bake red velvet cake pops (vegan/grain-free)

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. I love playing tricks. Like making you eat your veggies without you being none the wiser. Like in desserts where you can’t even taste ’em? Damn genius, if I do say so myself. Thanks to some challenge inspiration brought on by a conversation between me and D, these are vegan and grain-free to boot. Speaking of the challenge… Continue reading No-bake red velvet cake pops (vegan/grain-free)

Grinch mint magic layer bars (raw, vegan, grain-free)

I am typing this post noting that my computer has more food on it than is in my fridge. Mmmmmm maybe it’s time for a little clean. But then I think of these bars and think the fact that I dropped the cacao powder all over the kitchen while making them was indeed, worth it. (Note to self: Dry hands before handling baking goods). Continue reading Grinch mint magic layer bars (raw, vegan, grain-free)

Hazelnut truffles (vegan & paleo-friendly)

There is needing chocolate, and then there is needing chocolate. Will eat everything in my path until chocolate eventually makes it into my mouth kind of need. Not a Hershey’s bar, but real dark & decadent chocolate. You know what I mean. So, naturally I headed to the kitch to try and work something out. But… Continue reading Hazelnut truffles (vegan & paleo-friendly)

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream cupcakes

I have always made cupcakes on President’s Day. It was always cold, I never had work, and loved the extra day to cozy up in my kitchen and bake. And ohhh man the first time I made vegan chocolate cupcakes for my roomie and I, we devoured them quickly. I was hooked, but never could find the recipe I used again. (This was far before Pinterest existed and I never bookmarked anything).  And I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t use the same recipe since I am sure that it was loaded with sugar and white flour. So this many years (6?) later I am giving you a healthier cupcake. With ice cream on top! You’re welcome. Continue reading Chocolate peanut butter ice cream cupcakes

Homemade dark chocolate chunks (vegan)

Chocolate with sea salt? With almonds? Coconut? Chili? Or are you a purist? Whichever way we prefer, let’s put our hands together for the Aztecs and Mayans for bringing us the magical powers of….. CHOCOLATE!  Real chocolate. The kind believed to hold magical, or even divine, properties. I don’t know about you, but this is a belief that I can get down with. Afterall, we have been hearing that a little bit of dark chocolate is good for the heart. And definitely for the soul.  Continue reading Homemade dark chocolate chunks (vegan)