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Beet(iful) vegan rotini pasta

These colors though. It really is the little things.   Continue reading Beet(iful) vegan rotini pasta

Cherry chocolate stovetop granola + toasted cashew banana “yogurt”

My brain feels like it has gone away on the crazy train. Buh-bye. My focus lasts about as long as…We’ll call it summer brain. Or have lots of life events happening brain. In the best way possible. After completing a Half Ironman (#stillcantbelieveididthat) and crushing my goal by over 30 minutes, I was flying high. So much commitment and training actually did pay off and I came out basically unscathed, minus some sore legs the next day. And then my boyfriend who was me and my friend’s Sherpa, schlepping our gear all over the place, taking photos, cheering us on all day while we raced, drove me to a vineyard and asked me to marry him. WHAT?! (#stillcannotbelievethathappened) Continue reading Cherry chocolate stovetop granola + toasted cashew banana “yogurt”

Butternut squash sage soup with cinnamon spiced walnuts


Darth Vader is not sexy. He may lure the ladies in with the whole mysterious what’s under my costume thing, but the breathing kills it immediately (for me anyway). Sounding like Darth Vader is not sexy either, but that was me this week with a head cold, breathing all heavy out of my mouth. Not cute. At all. I was in denial about being sick for a while. As people who have lived with me this is not an uncommon occurrence. My favorite line to utter is Monica from Friends “Sick is for weaklings!” when she tries to seduce Chandler while denying her weakened immune system. Gets me every time.  Continue reading Butternut squash sage soup with cinnamon spiced walnuts

Chai spiced pistachio ice cream


Have you ever been to a really good tea house? Where you feel relaxed before you even open the door? In Philly I used to live around the corner from a place called The Random Tea Room. It was tiny, cozy, and they made the BEST chai latte. It was great to meet up with girlfriends, ordering pots of chai while philosophizing the important things of life, such as art, boys & books. This was the real deal. I am not ashamed to say that I used to enjoy walking by here on trash day because it smelled wonderfully of cardamom, ginger & cinnamon. Man, I miss this place.

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