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Naturally nourished travel: Coconut persimmon smoothie + 7 tips for staying active while traveling

Isn’t one of the great things about going on vacation that you get to splurge and eat whatever you feel like without lifting more than the weight of your cocktail to your mouth? Wrong! Well, maybe for a day but then the fun starts to wear off and the key lime pies and pina coladas become ubiquitous and less interesting. I’ve never been one for those kinds of vacations and if I’m sedentary for too long I start to get cabin fever & quite cranky. Raise your hand if you’re the same! I definitely had some anxiety about eating healthy and staying active before heading off on our extended “wandermoon.” How in the world were we going to stay fit without being able to run, surf, CrossFit, bike etc. etc. that we do in our U.S. lives? I didn’t pay too much mind and thought that we would be doing a lot of exercise no matter what and we’d still continue to eat healthy so it didn’t matter too much. But in the first weeks I got a little too comfortable with not being active during our road trip with lots of driving and the only activity being running between car & hostel to avoid the rain. I started waking up super cranky and not in the mood to do a whole lot and couldn’t figure out why. And then it dawned on me. I hadn’t done any physical activity and I felt like a schlub. So off to trek in the rain we went. And then I decided that I would make activity a priority 4 days out of the week. Obviously, this is easier in some parts of the world than in others. Especially when you’re dealing with extreme high or low temps. Check out how Mr. CN and I have been keeping up our active lifestyle over the last 3 months of travel.

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Avocado hemp protein smoothie bowl + banana-free smoothie bowl recipe round-up

Confession: D & I eat a lot of smoothie bowls. D eats them every single morning for breakfast and sometimes for a snack and I eat them every morning I don’t have to rush to work after a morning workout. Why do we love them? They are…
Packed with greens!
Packed with healthy fats!
Easy to make and easy clean-up!
It’s like a milkshake for breakfast with crunchies! Who doesn’t love crunchies?! Continue reading Avocado hemp protein smoothie bowl + banana-free smoothie bowl recipe round-up

Chocolate espresso smoothie breakfast bomb aka mockaccino (vegan)

Why is it that I can drink an espresso, or a double espresso, and have little to no side effect of the caffeine, but when I drink a coffee or latte, I get the jitters? I thought espresso would be more of a jolt, but I find the opposite. What gives? I’m sure I could look to the Google gods for some sort of scientific explanation, but I’d rather troll dream travel places on Pinterest instead.  Continue reading Chocolate espresso smoothie breakfast bomb aka mockaccino (vegan)

Summertime stone fruit recipe round-up

It’s officially the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. BBQs on the weekends, beach days, pool parties, sun dresses, sweaty workouts, outdoor happy hours, stacks of books to read, eating freshly picked fruit until you could burst. There is just not enough time in the summer to leisure as one should. Not at all.  Continue reading Summertime stone fruit recipe round-up

Chocolate heartbeet smoothie (vegan)

WAIT! Don’t put away your beets and red fruits just because Valentine’s Day is over. It’s National Women’s History Month and I think women could use a little celebrating, don’t you? We have made some pretty awesome strides in the U.S. over the years. We are inventers, teachers, mothers, dancers, doctors, activists, friends, politicians, lovers, daughters and sisters and wives. I know that you’re pretty bad ass, too. I bet you recently you just stood up for yourself at work, or to a friend who wasn’t making you feel so hot, or mastered your first bit of salsa choreography, whipped up a bad-ass healthy and delicious meal for your family or completed a half-marathon on Valentine’s Day. WHATEVER you do or did, recognize yourself for it.  Continue reading Chocolate heartbeet smoothie (vegan)

Pineapple turmeric juice smoothie (vegan)

Just a 10 day juice cleanse! Just 5 more pounds! $50 off to a new you! This is your year! You can do it! As much as I love the idea of everyone leading a healthy lifestyle, we are surrounded by quick-fix numbers obsessed marketing strategies that promise a “new you.” Continue reading Pineapple turmeric juice smoothie (vegan)

Cinnamon vanilla “fauxppuccino” (vegan)

Do you think we can head the 1,000 miles to Austin to hit up that food truck with the best vegan tacos where we stopped on our cross country road trip? No? Oh man, can’t I just teleport myself for a minute back to my favorite coffee shop in Philly for a coconut mocha latte? (And of course to visit my peeps!) I am constantly thinking of new recipes to create that are healthy, nutritious and delicious to share with my readers (that’s you!) and when a friend gets a whiff of my brain activity, I am often asked where I draw my inspiration from. Continue reading Cinnamon vanilla “fauxppuccino” (vegan)